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Fluxus collection of videos

Jun 16 2017 Published by under Art,Documentary,Films,Interview

Almighty youtube is 80s art archive’s dream.

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Kraftwerk and the electronic revolution

Oct 01 2016 Published by under Art,Documentary

Doco about Kraftwerk by the BBC

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Un Chien andalou

Apr 11 2016 Published by under Art,Films,Old Films

No much to say about this. Except, watch it like a dream.

Directed by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali in 1928

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Charles Eames 1971 Charles Eliot Norton Lectures “Goods” for the Harvard University 1971

Sep 22 2015 Published by under Art,Design,Lecture

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Shûji Terayama 寺山修司 playlist

Dec 30 2013 Published by under Art,Films

Terayama Shûji is one of my favourite avant-garde Japanese filmmaker of the 20th Century. His use of dramatic elements and symbolism have marked an era in experimental films in Japan. Absolutely inspiring and mind opening materials.

Here is a playlist I have found and recently watched on the mighty youtube.

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The Red Detachment of Women 1971

Jun 26 2013 Published by under Art,Dance

This is the 1971 infamous Chinese ballet: The Red Detachment of Women. It was created and produced by the Communist Party of China during the Cultural Revolution. Read more about the ballet from here.

I have not seen it at all before. And after seeing it, it is actually quite good in story telling and artistic value, despite its clear propaganda massage conveying. I like it.

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About Bacon

Feb 26 2013 Published by under Art,Documentary

Been to the Bacon exhibition in Sydney…

Art Gallery of NSW, Five decades.



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Bauhaus School of Art and design Documentary

Nov 09 2012 Published by under Art,Documentary

All I wanted to say was, after I saw this back in art school, I was intrigued and amazed. And it has got me into creative world ever since…

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Marcel Duchamp Interview – with English subtitle

Aug 26 2012 Published by under Art,Interview

Found this in Youtube. If you are like me, inspired, influenced by Duchamp (a lot), you will like this.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thanks whitelip1 for the great doco. S/he has uploaded some very good artists videos too, be sure to check them out.


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Way of Seeing – BBC 1972 – updated

May 16 2012 Published by under Art,Documentary

This is very good. I am so ashamed that I only just get to know this documentary.

Episode 1 – Part 1/4

Episode 1 – Part 2/4

Episode 1 – Part 3/4

Episode 1 – Part 4/4


Episode 2 – Part 1/4

Episode 2 – Part 2/4

Episode 2 – Part 3/4

Episode 2 – Part 4/4


Episode 3 – Part 1/4

Episode 3 – Part 2/4

Episode 3- Part 3/4

Episode 3- Part 4/4


Episode 4 – Part 1/4

Episode 4 – Part 2/4

Episode 4 – Part 3/4

Episode 4 – Part 4/4

Thanks so much to manwithaplan999 for uploading these amazing docos.

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