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Wintergatan – Marble Machine

Mar 20 2019 Published by under Music

Don’t need to say much. It is amazing.

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Jeroen Tel’s Stormlord with oscilloscope visualisation

Mar 20 2019 Published by under Music

Found this goodie today. Knocking my head. It is amazing how this track was made in 1989 using a C64.

More on Jeroen Tel

Thanks Rolf R Bakke for making and sharing this visualisation version of Stormlord.

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The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection – 11 hours of C64 Music

Mar 20 2019 Published by under computer,computers,Music

Amazing find on youtube. An collection of C64 SID. Thanks so much Cosmos-c64

They even have all the files downloadable via their site!!

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Kraftwerk in 1970 Soest, Germany

Oct 06 2017 Published by under Documentary,Music

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BBC TV Special – An evening with Nat King Cole

Jan 05 2014 Published by under Music


One of the world’s most amazing singer.

Thanks Vas géza for putting together (converting this into HD, retouch the picture and the sound!) this amazing video on youtube.


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Dschinghis Khan 1980s Germany Disco Pop band

Jun 30 2013 Published by under Dance,Music

Discovered these gem today. The followings are two of their surprisingly eye and ear catching songs.

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