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Henry Cartier-Bresson and Richard Avedon interview (2000)

Apr 28 2018 Published by under Documentary,Interview,Photography

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Nerds 2.0.1 – A Brief History Of the Internet

Apr 13 2018 Published by under computer,computers,Documentary,Uncategorized

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Triumph of the nerds

Apr 13 2018 Published by under computer,computers,Documentary,Films,Interview


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Kraftwerk in 1970 Soest, Germany

Oct 06 2017 Published by under Documentary,Music

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BAUHAUS dance designed by Oskar SCHLEMMER

Jul 28 2017 Published by under Documentary,Uncategorized

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The Mighty Micro 1979

Jul 12 2017 Published by under computers,Documentary

Found this great TV series from the BBC to talk about computer in the 70s.

Thanks N. L.

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Fluxus collection of videos

Jun 16 2017 Published by under Art,Documentary,Films,Interview

Almighty youtube is 80s art archive’s dream.

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Kraftwerk and the electronic revolution

Oct 01 2016 Published by under Art,Documentary

Doco about Kraftwerk by the BBC

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Orson Wells, HG Wells and more

Mar 14 2016 Published by under Documentary,Films

Who’s Out There ? (1975) NASA Documentary on Aliens Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Orson Wells Meets HG Wells

Orson Welles – War Of The Worlds – Radio Broadcast 1938 – Complete Broadcast.

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Documentary on Chen DuXiu – co-founded the Chinese Communist Party

Aug 06 2013 Published by under Documentary

12 episodes Sun TV’s doco on Chen Duxiu, in Mandarin.

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